Announcing Vagrant Skies


My friends, it’s happening.

I’ve burned myself out creatively on my last project, so I wanted to return to something much more simple to mentally reset a bit. For that purpose, I thought I’d tackle the very first game concept I had when I was just getting started in the industry.

Some will recall this being “the project I’ve always wanted to work on” and I’m excited to announce that development proper will start later this year. And boy, is it fun to rip apart the mess that teenage me started way back in 2013 and putting it back together!

So, what is it all about? Vagrant Skies is a pixel RPG about an unfortunate colony ship that survived the apocalypse just to become stranded in Andromeda. Set well after the world has already ended, the primary conflict revolves around if and how humanity should rebuild in the new world.

My goal with the game is to create a highly streamlined JRPG accessible to people who wouldn’t normally consider themselves fans of the genre, and ultimately creating a game that I would want to play myself.

Pre-production has only just begun, and I’ll have more to share in due time (meaning in the distant future). If you wish to follow development progress, consider signing up for the Vagrant Newsletter over at!

I would also like to thank everyone who graciously supported and encouraged me to do games for a living. I’m in a very good place in life and I certainly wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for you. (You know who you are!)

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