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What Does A Game Designer Do?

Game Designer Hideo Kojima. Courtesy Tribeca Film Festival

The fabled game designer. The man, the myth, the legend behind the game. An inspiration to young creatives who wish to one day work in the games industry. But really, what does a game designer do? And how do you become one?


Firewatch Review [Switch]

Firewatch title screen

So I finally got around playing Firewatch the other day. I used to look down on so-called “walking simulators” – which I still do in some aspects – but the less time I have to play games the more I start to appreciate titles which allow me to sit back and get the whole experience in just a few hours. Not only is Firewatch easy to digest, it’s also fun to boot.


Defining Ambition


I recently encountered a post from a Japanese game developer and it made me retrospect a little bit. I’ve always thought of myself as an ambitious person which I consider to be one of my better traits. But my narrow interpretation of the word has burned bridges, and this post is about the lessons I had to learn the hard way.


2018 [IRL]

[Next year] is almost upon us, and I thought I’d give [current year] a proper send-off by going through the various highlights and disappointments I encountered in the past 12 months.


Slush 2018


I recently visited Finland to attend Slush and talk to some foreign investors about our funding round in January 2019. It was my first time at the tech conference, and I had a blast: The event is jam packed with networking opportunities, the quality of people you meet is stellar, and Helsinki is just a lovely city (if a bit cold).