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Category / Opinion

Defining Ambition

I’ve always thought of myself as an ambitious person, and I consider that to be one of my better traits. But my narrow interpretation of the word has made me burn bridges, and this post is about the lessons I had to learn the hard way.

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Generation MTX

For the uninitiated, MTX stands for microtransactions which have become a topic of somewhat heated discussion over the past few years. The release of Battlefront 2, generally considered the tipping point, sparked a large amount of consumer backlash prompting EA to backpedal on their in-game monetization. In this post, I’d like to present my personal view on the matter and hopefully clarify some misconceptions.

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Stop Wasting My Time

There is one thing I cannot stand in video games. Wasting time. Some might say video games themselves are a waste of time, but I’ll have you know there’s a large difference between a 2 hour raid and spending 2 hours opening 100 lootboxes, which I’d like to showcase in some of my biggest pet […]

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