One Year In

Friends, family, clients – thank you for your support! Our first year in business ended almost as quickly as it started.

Solid Clouds

As part of our first assignment, we provided hands on support for the pre-production of Starborne: Frontiers, ahead of the company’s successful IPO in June. Other highlights included designing a new ranking system and a content expansion for Starborne: Sovereign Space, the company’s flagship title a little over a year into it’s launch.

CEO Stefan has assembled a fantastic team over in Reykjavik and we wish them all the best moving forward. Bless!

StarBerry Games

We joined the StarBerry team shortly before the launch of Merge Mayor to help with last-minute production improvements and transition into LiveOps. Design work included a daily challenge system and a narrative framework around the game’s missions to boost mid-game retention.

Special thanks to Antti for the warm reception – hopefully we can meet up in person next time.

Legion Hearts

Pre-production of our debut title Legion Hearts started in July and we’re about to ship our first playable prototype for PC. The combat system took an extra iteration to get there, but we’re quite happy with the core loop – simple, yet fun.

Our next stop is GDC 2022 in San Francisco – we’ll be showcasing the game at the SwissGames Pavilion in the Expo hall and see if we can team up with a publisher. Stop by if you’d like to give the game a try, have a chat or win some chocolate!