Announcing Legion Hearts

We’re excited to announce the development of our first title Legion Hearts, a Strategy RPG coming to PC and Nintendo Switch.

Tactical RPG x Autochess

Legion Hearts is a strategy RPG blending roguelite deck building with turn-based tactical combat. Set in a modern reimagination of Norse mythology, players take on the role of a time-traveling Valkyrie and must gather a grand army to overthrow the tyrannical gods.

Designed by the busy game developer for the busy gamer, Legion Hearts is easy to learn and features short but satisfying play sessions that allow players to make progress in the game with just a few minutes of play time each day. Our current elevator pitch is “a tactical RPG simple enough to play on your lunch break.”


  • Play as a time-traveling Valkyrie and bring about Ragnarok in the episodic single-player campaign.
  • Travel to every epoch of history and recruit hundreds of unique characters by aiding them in their last moments.
  • Select characters from eight distinct classes and build your very own battle deck to play with.
  • Bring out your inner tactician with the tactical autochess battle system and outmaneuver enemy formations.
  • Manage your deck as you progress through handcrafted campaign maps and take down epic bosses.
  • Challenge other players online in PvP battles or work together with your friends in co-op dungeons.
  • Play at home or on the go – Legion Hearts supports seamless cross-platform play.

An offline test build of Legion Hearts is currently available on the official website, and the game is expected to enter early access in Q2 2022.

Press Kit:

About Us

Kreidenwerk was formed in 2021 by three veteran game developers to make a game they’d play themselves. We leverage over 20 years of experience in making online strategy games to create our debut title Legion Hearts, and are supported by amazing outside talent with former tenures at Acquire, Mistwalker, and SEGA.