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Starborne Goes Beta


Three years ago I set out to live on a windy rock bordering the Greenland Sea (colloquially referred to as “Iceland” by the native population) to work on a next-gen strategy game called Starborne: Sovereign Space. Today, we’re launching the Open Beta, and here’s what it’s all about.


Announcing Legion Hearts


My friends, it’s happening.

I’ve been itching to work on a small project for while now, and I thought I’d tackle the very first game concept I had when I was just getting started in the industry. As the saying goes: The fifth time’s the charm.


2019 [IRL]


And there goes another year an entire decade. Turns out my early twenties ended up being only slightly less confusing than my early teens, and I’m cautiously looking forward to see what I will write about my early thirties. Hopefully instructions on how to obtain more of this mythical adult wisdom. But more on that later – here’s 2019 in review.


Gamescom 2019


I had a blast this year. It’s really fun to be busy – your brain just goes on autopilot after a while and you feel super productive no matter how superficial the meetings are. That said, by the time Thursday rolled around I was quite relieved to fly back – my condolences go out to the people who had to stay the entire week.